Metal Man

Sharp Pointy ThingsEdit

Date Began: April 9, 2001
End Date: April 24, 2001
Number of Tasks: 10

Task Progress Rewards:

  • 10 Tasks Completed: Metal Man Recruitment Available • Allows Metal Man to be recruited in the team page.

Tasks Edit

  1. Defeat 5 Tree Monsters.
  2. Complete a Deploy.
  3. Defeat Vine.
    1. Collect 5 Nails.
    2. Collect 5 Ropes.
    3. Collect 5 Horse Shoes.
  4. Use a Heroic Call.
    1. Defeat 5 Fat Monsters.
    2. Defeat 5 Hunk Monsters.
  5. Defeat Four Armed.
  6. Complete 5 Flight Deck Missions.
  7. Use Root's Constricting Vines.
  8. Use Black Blade's Blades of Corruption.
  9. Defeat Zomboo.

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