James Mohawk
  • James Mohawk
  • Bruiser
  • Level 1 : Brawl
    • One Enemy
    • Attack
  • Level 2 : Eagle Sky Kick
    • One Enemy
    • Attack
    • Target Debuff : Weakened
      • Attack reduced by 25%
  • Level 3 : Call The Eagle
    • One Enemy
    • Attack
    • Summon Attack
      • Does not trigger counter or retaliation effects
    • Exposed
      • Defense reduced by 25%

Team-Up Bonuses Edit

  • Red Star : Heroes who are members of Red Star

All Possible Team-UpsEdit

Hero Name Team-Up Bonus
Black Blade, Diana Frost, James Mohawk, Rage, Root, Shack Red Star

50 Point Team-UpsEdit

Hero Name Team-Up Bonus
Black Blade Red Star
Diana Frost Red Star
Rage Red Star
Root Red Star
Shack Red Star

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