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June 2001 Edit


Pink Ray

  • New Self Passive : Energy Manipulation
  • Energy Manipulation - Restores 100% of stamina if an enemy or an ally dies.

Blue Ray

  • New Team Passive : Full Charge
  • Full Charge - Restores stamina to all allies every round.

Green Ray

  • New Self Passive : Focus Energy
  • Focus Energy - Restores 30% of stamina every round.

New WeaponsEdit

May 2001 Edit


Night Eagle

  • Sky Kick : Now exploits Stun.
  • Head Kick: Now has 60% chance to cause Stun.


  • Blades Of Disaster : Now exploits Bleeds.
  • Sword Stab: Now causes Bleeding.


  • Three Combat Rapid : Now causes Slowed, Exposed, Weakened and Dizzy.

April 2001 Edit



  • Bearing Branches : Now causes Off-balance.
  • Constricting Vines: Now causes Constricted.

Black Blade

  • Blades Of Disaster : Now deals extra damage on critical hits.
  • Blades Of Death: Now causes Fatal Blow which defeats normal enemies with less than 30% health and greatly damages bosses with less than 30% health


  • Lightning Storm : Now causes Static Charge.
  • Lightning Spear: Now exploits Stun.

March 2001 Edit


Fire Bone

  • Burn Till Death : Now exploits Burning.
  • Burning Punch: Now causes Burning.

Steel Fists

  • Steel Strike : Now causes Dizzy, which reduces attack by 25%.
  • Steel Brawl: Now causes Exposed, which reduces defense by 25%.

Garry Cage

  • Lightning Lash : Now causes Incapacitation.
  • Whiplash: Now causes Now causes Exposed, which reduces defense by 25%.

February 2001 Edit


James Mohawk

  • Eagle Sky Kick : Now causes Weakened, which reduces attack by 25%.
  • Call The Eagle: Now causes Exposed, which reduces defense by 25%.


  • Tiger Claws : Now exploits bleeding.
  • Claw Swipe: Now causes Bleeding.

Water Archer

  • Water Burst : Now exploits exposure.
  • Water Spears: Now causes Exposed, which reduces defense by 25%.

January 2001 Edit


Blade Master

  • Double Blade : Now exploits bleeding.
  • Sharp Blade: Now causes Bleeding.

Green Venom

  • Sharp Claws : Now causes Bleeding.
  • Snake Bite: Now causes Poisoned.


  • Stomp: Now causes Exposed and Dizzy, which reduces defense and attack by 25%.

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